3 Things You Need to Know About Resetting 
Client Engagements

How to make your life easier and increase your cash flow (at the same time).

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"As a traditional Tax and Accounting firm, we saw the writing on the wall.  Technology was getting better and we are tired of having to prove our value to clients. Our SmartPath Membership was the catalyst for changing our business to what it is today. We have deeper relationships with clients that provide us with consistent revenue, even during COVID-19."

Michael McGovern, Enrolled Agent
Modern Financial Care

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You know some of your clients should be paying more... 

How do you reset your engagement without losing the client?

You've spent the last year bending over backward for your clients and you deserve to be paid your help.

If you need a simple, clear plan for what to do and how to do it - we got you covered. 

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What key elements to address when resetting your client engagements.

Which groups of clients to reset engagements for first, for the best results.

How to reset your engagement so you won’t lose or alienate your clients.

What elements to reset inside your engagement so you maximize your cash flow the rest of the year.

How to approach this so you can still reap the benefits even if you’re extremely busy right now.

PLUS...Implementation templates to get started NOW!

Add $1,000's to your monthly cash flow & get paid for work you're giving away for free, with 3 simple steps:

1. Pricing

3. Education

2. Services

Align the right price points with the right clients to ensure your efforts align with the results clients want.  

Ensure your new engagement makes clear what is, and isn't, included in your services. 

Teach clients the benefits of new engagements. Show them how a "reset" will help them reach their goals faster. 

With a SmartPath Membership for your tax & accounting firm, you get the training, tools, and templates you need to remove the friction in your client engagements. stress-less and be fairly paid.


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If a client's fee isn't high enough to match the work you're doing, or the work you're doing no longer matches their needs - it's time to reset their engagement. 

We know how stressful it can be to discuss fees with clients when you don't want to ruin your relationship.